Ash disease - local alert

Britain’s Ash trees now face a serious threat from a recently arrived fungal disease known as Chalara fraxinea.

Tunbridge Wells BC tree expert Dan Docker said:

In some countries, this disease has been responsible for the deaths of up to 90% of Ash trees.  The Ash tree is the 4th most common UK tree, so the impact could be devastating in this country if we can’t eradicate it.

Identification, containment and hopefully eradication of the disease is being co-ordinated by the Forestry Commission.

Tackling the spread of the disease is highly important, and everybody can play a part.

The following two links are to Forestry Commission web sites which describes the disease:$FILE/pest-alert-ash-dieback-2012.pdf

Photographic examples are given on:

If you think that you may have identified the disease, please contact the Forestry Commission or FERA Plant Health and Seeds Inspectorate:

Forest Research Disease Diagnostic Advisory Service; 01420 23000 (

Forestry Commission Plant Health Service; 0131 3146414 (

Fera Plant and Seeds Inspectorate 01904 465625 (

Please be prepared to give the Forestry Commission/FERA as much information as possible, such as the age and location of tree, and symptoms shown.

The disease can also be reported through a new mobile phone App obtainable through:

Please help control the disease by checking any Ash trees that you own or are responsible for, or that you may see when going about your day to day business. Trees most likely to carry the disease or those planted in the last four years.

 If you suspect a tree may be infected, please report it via the Ashtag App, and/or to the Forestry Commission or FERA on the links above.