End in sight for North Farm Congestion

The Department for Transport has announced the first allocation of the £170 million Local Pinch Point Fund programme to remove bottlenecks from local highways.

This is good news for the borough. TWBC, working with KCC, supported their bid for funds from this programme which will now be used towards tackling the problems of traffic at North Farm. Construction is expected to begin in April 2014 and the project is expected to be completed by March 2015.

The funding is being provided under the Department for Transport’s Local Pinch Point Fund Scheme.  The overall scheme will cost £5m, with Kent Council Council contributing £1.5m towards the project.

The proposed scheme aims to improve existing highway capacity by:

  • widening Longfield Road between Dowding Way Roundabout and the A21 Roundabout
  • introducing a new roundabout at Kingstanding Way/Longfield Road junction
  • introducing a new roundabout to replace T-junction at Knights Park /Longfield Road junction
  • providing a gyratory style junction at Great Lodge/Longfield Road junction.

Here’s a link with additional information: