Local Tories Mourn Thatcher

Prominent local conservatives have sent condolences to the family of Margaret Thatcher, who once had a weekend appartment in Scotney Castle and was a patron of the Tunbridge Wells Conservative Association. The message reads:

"On behalf of the members of the Tunbridge Wells Conservative Association, we are today writing to the family of Baroness Thatcher to offer our condolences at this sad time.


Margaret Thatcher pulled Britain back from the brink of ruin, helped defeat the Soviet Union in the Cold War, championed freedom and individual liberty, defended the people of the Falkland Islands and was courageous in the face of the IRA.

Tunbridge Wells Conservatives Association was immensely proud to have such a towering figure as our Patron. She will be greatly missed."


Greg Clark MP
Member of Parliament for Tunbridge Wells


Alex King MBE

President of the Association


William Rutherford

Chairman of the Association