'So Create A Difference' attracts large audience

The much heralded 'So Create A Difference' attracted a large audience to debate the future of the town at Wednesday's meeting at the Trinity Centre.

Organised by the RIBA, the meeting heard from architect Robert Adam that urban design was more important than buildings and that leadership is key. He cited examples in Bilbao, Berlin and other major cities where the key factor had been the drive of the leader and the political dimension. He had been working on the Cinema site for a number of years and was now on option 26 for the site. The presence of one of the oldest raliway tunnels in the UK under the site puts severe pressure on the viability of the site and it would be simplistic to think that there will be a 'quick fix' solution. It is not the most obvious site to develop and the majority of investors and developers will not touch it because of the significant risks involved.

The meeting ended with a presentation of the findings so far to William Benson, the Chief Executive of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, who confirmed that the Council are committed to working with the local community to produce a master plan for the town centre.