Workshop Sparks New Vision for Town Centre

A workshop organised by Stuart Page, a local architect from Langton Green, with the assistance of the South East office of the RIBA, held on Saturday 26th January attracted ideas from fifteen local architects and attracted large numbers of interested constituents.

The idea of the workshop, which was held in a disused shop in the Royal Victoria Place, was to explore new ideas for Tunbridge Wells town centre including:

A number of new squares to open up the streets and make it a place for people to congregate, including three such squares along Mount Pleasant including the cinema site, in front of the town hall, and at the bottom of the street in front of the railway station;

A university quarter adjoining The Pantiles, and covering the area presently occupied by Union House;

A Hotel and restaurant on the site of the present Great Hall car park facing into Calverly Grounds;

A re-think of the Crescent Road Car Park to include an eight storey building with a Farmers Market, Community Space and Car Park;

A temporary 'green lung' on the cinema site for community gardens and activities.

The ideas are to brought together in the next few weeks and presented to the Council as a book to form the basis of further discussion. 


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